October 2, Worship

Worship is at the center of our life together in our Meeting community. Entering in to the hush of divine stillness at the heart of a gathered meeting for worship, we—as individuals and as one body—come into that wordless place where we know that we are fully loved without condition.

Come share your experience and hear from others about their experience of Quaker worship. What do you do in the silent waiting worship? How do you listen beyond words? How do you know when to or when not to offer a spoken message?

Singing (beginning around 6:50pm) leading into worship time


What was your religious upbringing?
What brought you to Friends?
What is your favorite Quaker saying?

What do you do in the silent waiting worship?

Short presentations from Gail, Ray, and Jonathan
Whole group discussion

Exercise: Holding one another in care and prayer

Small Groups

Reflect on the three questions in the introduction above

Reflections & Closing

Reference Material

Web-based written materials


An impression of Worship from Friends General Conference

A British Quaker View of Worship

Silent Waiting worship from a “Conservative” Quaker

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