Week 2, Oct 21

Testimonies & Quaker Practice

A Reminder: Meeting for Worship at Textron Industries, 11:15am, this Sunday Morning
As part of our ongoing testimony and witness to the world, the Meeting will hold our regular Sunday morning meeting for worship on the sidewalk outside Textron Industries, manufacturers of cluster bombs, in Wilmington, MA (20 miles north of Boston), at 11:15am, this Sunday, October 21, 2012. We will gather at 10:15am to carpool from the Meetinghouse at 5 Longfellow Park. As part of the New Lights, you are very much encouraged to attend meeting for worship at Textron Industries this morning.


Presentation on the Testimonies & Quaker Practice
Peace, Simplicity, Integrity, Unity, Community, Equality, Stewardship/Earthcare, etc.

Rotating Small Group Discussions

Reflection & Closing

Reference Material

 “Women’s Speaking Justified,” by Margaret Fell (1666)

From Kristina & Calid Keefe-Perry’s online course “Jewels of Quakerism”
Witness, Testimony, Heterotopia, and Hedge (30 minutes)


From Martin Kelly, editor of the Friends Journal and the QuakerQuaker website:

Quaker Testimonies, from Martin’s blog “Quaker Ranter”

Video: Quaker testimonies as a collective wisdom wiki


Draft chapter “Integration of Faith and Life—The Meaning, Understanding, and Use of Testimonies” (preliminarily approved for inclusion in the next revision of NEYM Faith and Practice, August 2008) from the New England Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice Revision Committee.


From British Friends, The Quaker Testimonies