Day 5 Celebration — Taking It Home


Empathy Clearness Committee Process

  • Divide into groups of four
  • Have each participant write on a 3×5 card one of the greatest challenges they have encountered with their Meeting.
  • Shuffle the four cards within each group, redistributing them so that each person has a 3×5 card that is NOT what they had written.
  • In turn, each participant becomes the focus person for 15 minute mini-clearness committee.
  • The focus person begins by describing the challenge from their 3×5 card as if if were their own concern. The other three people act as a clearness committee asking questions that draw out the depth of the concern.

The Angel of Your Meeting

  • This is a drawing exercise. You will need to have paper, crayons, colored pencils, and markers.
  • Summarize the opening of the Book of Revelations where the figure of Jesus consults with the angels of seven churches in Asia minor. The angel of the meeting is at once the present spiritual condition, the Meeting’s potential, and its shadow side.
  • Instruct people to draw whatever comes to them when they consider the angel of their meeting.
  • When finished array the drawings around the room and have people walk around in silence taking in each picture.
  • In the whole group, give individuals time to talk about their drawings.

Going Home

As a whole group have people reflect on what they will be taking home with them. How might they use elements of this workshop to facilitate deep worship, strong community, and active witness and service in their Meeting.

Worship and Closing Exercise

After a period of worship have people stand in a circle and pass a ball of yarn around the room to weave a web among the participants. As each person passes the ball have them say one word about their experience of the workshop.