Day 3 Strong Community


What Builds Community in Your Meeting?

Using brainstorm technique summarize and write down all responses to the question on a flip chart.

Secret Spot Exercise

  • Divide into groups of 4 to 7 people and array the groups around the room.
  • Ask people in each group to hold hands.
  • Pause in silence giving each person time to choose their favorite (secret) spot in the room.
  • Without talking each group finds its secret spot as a group.
  • Debrief exercise.

Modes of Conflict Transformation

Draw the following chart on a flip chart or blackboard.

  • Place masking tape in the center of the room to mark of the four quadrants.
  • Ask people to place themselves somewhere among the quadrants as they respond to the following questions:
    • How do you, as an individual, respond to conflicts:
      • In your family of origin?
      • In your marriage/central relationship?
      • At work?
      • In your Quaker Meeting?
    • How does your Meeting, as a body, respond to conflict?
    • How do these responses enable or discourage the growth of conflict and its impact on Friends and on the Meeting as a whole?
  • Do a quick debrief with the group after each question. Why are you standing there?

Whole Group Reflection to Close

Come back together as a whole group in the spirit of worship, asking people to share insights that may have occurred to them during the last exercise or at anytime during the workshop.