Week 5, Nov 5

Discernment — personal and corporate — do we have to bring God into this?

  • What are the “rules”?
  • Why not vote?
  • Why read back the minutes during the same meeting for business in worship as decisions are made?
  • How do we deal with disagreements, conflict?


Further Reading (available in the Meeting library)

  • Barry Morley, “Beyond Consensus: Salvaging sense of the meeting,” Pendle Hill Pamphlet #307 (1993).
  • Micheal Sheeran, Voteless decisions in the Religious Society of Friends, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (1983).
  • Patricia Loring, Listening Spirituality, Vol.2: Corporate spiritual practice among Friends, Washington, DC: Openings Press, 1999.
  • Michael Birkel, “The Mind of Christ: Bill Taber on Meeting for Business,” Pendle Hill Pamphlet #406 (2010)

Videos on the Quaker Discernment (short)