Day 1 Introduction


As a way of centering in worship, ask participants to hold the words from the title of the workshop in their minds and hearts: “unleashing,” “spiritual power,” “your Meeting.”


  • Group people into pairs. Give each person in the pair 5 minutes to respond to describe a time when the felt spiritual power in their Meeting.
  • Gather the group into a whole and go around the circle asking each participant to introduce the person to whom they were paired—giving the person’s name, Meeting and one interesting thing that they shared.


Using brainstorm technique summarize and write down all offerings on a flip chart answering the following two questions:

  1. What do you expect to learn from the workshop?
  2. What are the guidelines for group conduct during the workshop (i.e., confidentiality, listening, etc.)?

Small Group Sharing

Gather into groups of four, giving each person 10 minutes to describe a time in their lives when they felt the power of the Spirit help them through a period when they were struggling or unsure of direction.

Whole Group Reflection to Close

Come back together as a whole group in the spirit of worship, asking people to share insights that may have occurred to them during the last exercise or at anytime during the workshop.