Week 4, Oct 27

Witness — Integrity, Equality, & Peace




Short vignettes reflecting Quaker testimonies in action.

Small sharing groups

Reflections & Closing

Reference Material

Written materials

  • Origin of the SPICES” a talk on the Quaker Testimonies given to the 2012 Session of Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association by Paul Buckley. Note: “SPICES” is an acronym for “Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, Stewardship.”
  • Women’s Speaking Justified,” published in 1666 by Margaret Fell. One of the earliest writings on the biblical basis of women’s equality.
  • Integrity, from an African Quaker Perspective. Oliver Kisaka Simiyu of Nairobi Yearly Meeting describes the challenge of living out the testimony of integrity in an African culture based more on tribal/community identity then on the individualism of much of the Western world culture.
  • What does Spirit-Led Peacemaking Look Like?” a talk given to Friends Meeting at Cambridge by Jonathan Vogel-Borne
  • When Peace Preserves Violence,” a blog post by Wess Daniels, an evangelical Quaker from the Pacific Northwest. “Peace often operates as a cover to hide from the fact that we are not interested at all in the kind of peace that would cost us our positions, our power, our own sense of being right, and our own group belonging.”


From Kristina & Calid Keefe-Perry’s online course “Jewels of Quakerism”
Witness, Testimony, Heterotopia, and Hedge (30 minutes, Adobe Flash required)