Week 2, June 2

Quakers & our use of the Bible

Introductory exercise — Christel Jorgenson

Quakers & the Bible, from early Friends to the present day — Jonathan Vogel-Borne

Friendly Bible Study” in small groups

Large group reflection & closing — Cliff Harrison

Reference Material

  • One of the best, though somewhat busy, Quaker resource websites is QuakerInfo.com, edited by Bill Samuel, a Friend from the Washington, DC area. On the page, Quakers & the Bible, there are several useful links to begin your exploration of the subject.
  • On that same page please follow the link to a Friendly Bible Study, a “Quakerly” Bible study technique developed by Joanne & Larry Spears of Bismarck (North Dakota) Meeting. We will be using this technique in small groups to explore one of Jesus’ parables.
  • On the website Conservative Quakers of America is an article (as stated “completely unauthorized”) What Do Friends Think of the Bible, a discussion of “the place of scripture in the faith and practice of the Religious Society of Friends (Conservative).” Toward the end of that article do note a description of “Bible Reading After the Manner of Conservative Friends.” This type of Bible reading is one of the core activities at QuakerSpring, an annual, cross-branch, loosely-structured, Spirit-led gathering, deeply influenced by the Conservative branch of Friends. QuakerSpring takes place this summer, June 21–26, 2013 in New England at Woolman Hill Conference Center in Western, Mass.
  • In this video, posted by Friends General Conference, Fran Brokaw, a member of Hanover (NH) Meeting, describes her experience at New England Yearly Meeting’s Bible Half Hour talks:
  • Below are two videos of Peterson Toscano, formerly of Hartford (CT) Meeting, now living in the Philadelphia area. Peterson describes himself as a “Theatrical Performance Activist: Thoughtfully and humorously exploring queer issues.” The first is a short take on Quakers & the Bible and the second is one of Peterson’s Bible Half Hour presentations given at last summer’s Friends General Conference Gathering held at the University of Rhode Island:

    The Bible Half Hour: