Week 4, Nov 4

The Growing Edges of the Quaker Movement

Part I: We will bring you up-to-date on the growing edges of the Quaker movement worldwide, including the issues where we struggle and have disagreement.

Part 2: Where are you? What is your call, your leading, your ministry? How will you continue to develop your Quaker practice?

We will look at some of our current demographic & theological differences through an exercise called “Continents of Quakers”, and, if we have enough time, we will hear briefly about a few of our following growing edges:

Reference Material

PDF Icon Integrity, from an African Quaker Perspective. Oliver Kisaka Simiyu of Nairobi Yearly Meeting describes the challenge of living out the testimony of integrity in an African culture based more on tribal/community identity then on the individualism of much of the Western world culture.

PDF Icon Unity. Jonathan Vogel-Borne describes his experience visiting a very programmed, nearly pentecostal, African Quaker Church, and asks, “what do we have in common?”

PDF Icon How to Know if It’s a Leading? Questions and quotes compiled by Minga Claggett-Borne

PDF Icon Messages of Jesus, compiled by Cliff Harrison

PDF Icon The Proposed Split of Indiana Yearly Meeting: What it’s Monthly Meetings Say, by Stephen Angell,  Professor of Quaker Studies at Earlham School of Religion.