Week 3 — Sunday, May 4, 12:30–2pm

Quakers in the 1960s


How has your current spiritual life different from how you were raised?


Racism, Feminism, Civil Rights

Concentric Circle Exercise

(responding to questions in circles of rotating pairs…)


Vietnam War, FMC’s 1968 sanctuary of a conscientious objector, & the Meeting’s growing membership

Small Groups


  • How does the equality testimony sit with you?
  • How often do you think of race?
  • How often do you think of race and white privilege?
  • What advantages and disadvantages is there to the size of FMC currently?
  • How do you enjoy vocal ministry of FMC today?
  • Do you miss anything?
  • Do you respect the Quaker way of balancing individual leadings and corporate leadings?
  • Have you felt a leading?

Reference Material